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        BSC2-D series AC contactor (hereinafter contactor) is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 690V AC 50Hz or 60Hz,rated current up to 95A,for making,breaking,frequently starting &controlling the AC motor.

        This series contactor complies with GB14048.4,IEC60947-4-1.
Model and Implication
Working and Installation Condition
■ Ambient air temperature: -5℃--+40℃ and average not more than +35℃ within 24hours;
■ Altitude: no more than 2000m;
■ Air condition: when the highest temperature is +40℃, the air relative humidity is not up to 50%.but the higher
   humidity is allowed at lower temperature. Like, 90% humidity at 20℃.
   The condensate dew should be considered when at lower temperature;
■ Pollution degree: class 3;
■ Installation category: III;
■ Protection degree: IP20;
■ Installation condition: the gradient angle between installation side and vertical side should not be more than
■ Impact and vibration: the contactor must be installed and operate under the circumstances of no obvious
   shaking, impact and vibration.
Structure characteristic
■ The wonderful appearance design looks textural, which stops shocking, use more safely and reliably;
■ It can be installed with auxiliary contacts block, time relay and current-limited contacts block, and thermal
   relay, then to be other derivative products;
■ This series contactor has small volume, light weight, less power loss, long life and safe and reliability etc;
■ The contactor can be equipped with 1NO auxiliary contact or 1NC auxiliary contact(less than 32A),and 1NO
   auxiliary contact+1NC auxiliary contact(more than 40A).In addition, it can be equipped with F4 auxiliary
   contact block (2blocks or4blocks);
■ In addition to use screw to install, contactor can be tightened with the standard installing rail of   35mm
   (BSC2-D09~95) and the standard installing rail of 75mm (BSC2-D40~95).





Appearance and Installation Dimension

Main Parameters and Technical Performance