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Indicator Lamp AD22

Indicator Lamp AD22



Brief Introduction

        AD22(LED) series of indicator is equally used LED shining chip as light source. Because of long life, low consumption, small volume and light weight, it is a new type of product replaced the older incandescent lamp and indicator of neon lamp. AD22 indicators are produced by our factory enjoying following characters: high brightness, good reliability, beautiful shape and careful manufactured. Products are well praised by lots of clients. In order to fit in with top quality and aesthetic demand of user, we develop AD22-22B, C, D, E, G, H, double-color lamp, position indicator, shining buzzer and mini short indicator, as well as design shape of AD22-22G/22GS series button and it is possible to meet all kinds of international standard lampshade, which is made of polycarbonate with high intension and enjoying better anti-surge performance, and bolt-type connector designed will make it safer and more convenient. All improvement will be provided to make your choice more convenient and your design perfect.




        AD22 series of indicators are used as indicating, foretelling, accident and other signals in the lines of equipment (such as electrical power telecommunication, machine tool, watercraft, textile, printing and mine machinery, etc).



Model Designation



Applicable environment

(1) Surrounding temperature: -25℃~+55℃
(2) Relative humidity ≤ 98%.
(3) It can normally work under the conditions of 2-80Hz vibration frequency and 0.7g/h accelerated speed.
(4) Pollution grade: III; Installation sort: III.
(5) It is possible to work under the moist tropical environment if there is a "TH" sign.
Main technical characteristics
(1) Voltage of working frequency: 2.5kV (AC valid value), 1 min.
(2) Insulated resistance ≥2MΩ
(3) Voltage wave allowed by AC indicator ±20%
(4) Continual working life ≥30000h
(5) Brightness ≥60cd/m2
(6) Index of leakage CT1≥ 100
(7) Protection grade is IP40, and it is possible to be made to up to IP67
(8) Using frequency: AC50-60 Hz
Circuit Introduction
Contrast list of voltage, current

Note: "FD" in the list means a discharging lamp can be installed on the cupboard of capacitor. PG denotes pure green, PB denotes pure blue, PW denotes pure white.

Indicator  Description Voltage    Color Type Contour